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This is a site devoted to explaining why we all suffer in life. Here is what you will find:


Overview:  A crisp one page synopsis of the content of the book and its place in the suffering literature.


Author: Takes you out to the author's website for a bio, credentials, and the unlikely story of how an IBM engineer  came to write a theology of suffering.

Basics: Short answers to basic questions on suffering.


Why Me? A diagnostic method and examples of how to determine why you are suffering and what to do about it.

Providence: Short answers to FAQs on suffering and evil in Gods plan for salvation.

Joy: Short answers to FAQs about how to live joyfully in the midst of suferring, pain and hardship.

Reviews:  Expert testimonials and reader reviews from the author's website. Quotes that can be used for bookclub discussions

Media:  TV appearances, radio and blog interviews and articles by the author from the author's website

Slides: Slide presentations of the entire book to be used as a primer/overview or review of the theological content.

Participate: The opportunity to post questions on the forum, comment on the author's blog posts, or to join a class on the topic given by Dr. Chaloux at the Avila Institutes' School of Spiritual Formation


Find out more about Paul Chaloux, theologian and author of "Why All People Suffer".

Sign up for an upcoming class.


Next class: March 7 to April 11, 2022


Order the book from Sophia Institute Press.

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