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Expert Testimonials


Dr. Paul Scherz

Associate Professor of Moral Theology /Ethics, Catholic University of America

Author, Science and Christian Ethics

"In this book, Paul Chaloux provides an accessible synthesis of Catholic teaching on suffering. Drawing on the wisdom of the tradition, he confronts some of moral theology’s most challenging debates over evil, justice, and divine providence."

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Sr. Marie Pappas

Host of Pathways to Learning

Sirius/XM 129,

The Catholic Channel

"Paul Chaloux takes up one of the most challenging human questions: Why suffering? A relentless and creative thinker, he speaks with reasoned clarity. He offers the reader a practical spiritual understanding and progression for living with and through the inevitability of suffering. Paul Chaloux is the teacher every learner wishes he or she had. He teaches so that we learn to live well."


Rev. Elizabeth Uslander, MSW MTS

Grief | End of Life | Family | Spiritual Counselor

"Why All People Suffer is a beautiful modern synthesis of the Catholic Theology of Suffering. It poignantly and courageously describes the meaning of God’s call to accept and transcend suffering, dives into the nature of the journey itself, and affirms the power of redemptive love in the process. As an ecumenical pastor working in the field of grief and end of life care, I have found Why All People Suffer to be a phenomenal resource and a gift of truth, beautifully presented, clearly articulated, and ripe for deep exploration."


John Halligan

Motivational Speaker and Author

"I highly recommend you buy Why All People Suffer. No one goes through life without a moment or period of great pain and suffering. Yes, the degree may vary from person to person, but suffering is an unavoidable part of all of our lives. Imagine feeling blessed instead of cursed. Imagine feeling God's love instead of his wrath. Paul makes the infallible argument God's love for us is even more evident in our suffering. You'll be inspired never to feel self-pity and victimized again after reading his book."

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