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Book Reviews

"I am delighted to have encountered a work that so clearly and methodically addresses one of the knottiest issues a faithful Catholic can face: the problem of suffering. In my experience, the problem of suffering is among the biggest reasons why a person may turn away from the Catholic faith or hesitate from embracing it in the first place. The idea that a good God, who has power over every occurrence in the world, will allow a terrible tragedy is a puzzling one. It seems to undermine the core Catholic notion that God was good and loving enough to take on a human nature and become our Savior. Add to that the fact that “the problem of suffering” is rarely theoretical, and it is very easy to see why one would allow suffering to get in the way of one’s relationship with God.


The thing is, the Catholic Church has an answer to the “problem of suffering”. Why All People Suffer by Doctor Paul Chaloux is the most comprehensive, well-sourced account of this answer that I have yet come across..."

"It is inevitable that we all experience suffering at some points in our lives. I always thought that suffering was something that God does not want to happen, but He allows suffering as the result of our fallen world. However, Dr. Paul Chaloux offers a fascinating insight that I had never heard before..."

"One of the most thought provoking books I have read!"

 "A comforting message for everyone!"

"Answered many questions for me. Great boost to my faith!"

"If you're looking for answers to why you or a loved one has or is suffering so much, this will certainly give you a guide to understanding God's ways. It's instructional and full of meaning and purpose. Reading this book changed my perspective to the point that I feel differently about suffering and the reasons why suffering is always going to be a part of everyone's life. I now have the framework to deal with why all people suffer."

"Loved it, Loved it,

Loved it!"

"Dr. Chaloux's book "Why All People Suffer" provides hope and meaning to all sorts of human suffering -- from daily struggles with addiction to living with chronic pain and illness. In my practice as a mental health therapist, I often see clients question the meaning of their suffering, wondering if they are being punished or forgotten by God. Dr. Chaloux's book provides us with hope as he explains how a loving God uses suffering to enhance the common good and perfect each of us."

"How to understand suffering from a Catholic perspective."

"Wow, what a deep treatment of an important topic! This is a great book. Probably the best part is Chaloux's own witness. He shares some of his own life and health struggles at the beginning and it gives the whole book such authenticity. That spirit carries through the book. I would highly recommend this read to anyone who is struggling to know God's love in the midst of hardship---or who knows someone who is. So basically, everyone."

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